Want to speed up your brew day? Yes! It’s possible to brew great beer in one hour!

Learn the One-hour brew day process! Brewing beer can be as complicated, and time consuming, as you make it. It can take all day to brew an all-grain batch of beer. The goal of OneHourBrewDay.com is to simplify the brewing process to allow the homebrewer to brew a batch of beer in one hour. I came across this method after spending some time brewing Kombucha, which is a fermented tea. I also need to give props to James Spencer of Basic Brewing Radio, who introduced me to the idea of the 15-minute boil.

In order to successfully brew a batch of beer in one hour, a few traditional homebrewing “rules” have to be broken. It should go without saying that the recipes on this site use extract and most use a “mini mash.” Secondly, all of the recipes are sized for 2-gallon batches. Third, with such a short boil, you have to throw out the rules on when to add your hops. Once you accept these departures from traditional brewing techniques, you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to always have a supply of homebrew on hand.

I want to shorten my brew day

Whether you’ve never brewed beer or are an experienced all-grain brewer with all the equipment, or someone in between, the one-hour brew day will give you the tools and the recipes to make great beer in very little time. Experienced brewers may want to skip directly to the recipes, as the process is going to be familiar. You’ll likely have an aha moment when you realize how easy is it is to make beer in such a short time.

Learn more!

This site is broken up into four parts. The first part examines what equipment you need, from stock pot to bottles. There are a few specialized things you’ll need, but most of them are inexpensive and easy to find either at your local homebrew store, or online. The second part looks at the ingredients, which consist of grains (usually malted barley), dry malt extract, hops and yeast. The third part will go into the details of how to make your first batch. The last part contains tried and true recipes, which have been tested using the one-hour brew day methods.