We’re really excited about this BrewDemon 3 gallon conical fermenter that we just got in the mail. Check out the video and setup. We’ll have a review coming soon, but here are our first impressions.


  • 3 gallons – perfect for 2 or 2.5 gallon batches
  • Conical – the yeast and trub will gather in the space below the spigot, giving clearer (and better!) beer
  • Airlock – these can be used with an airlock, or with a venting plug. The airlock is a nice upgrade over the Mr. Beer Keg.
  • Wide-mouth opening – One of the best features of the Mr. Beer Keg in my opinion, so I’m glad it’s here, too.
  • Spigot – good for racking your beer.
  • Volume measurements – They’re there if you need them.
  • Stand – the conical sits in a removable stand.

Full disclosure: this was a review unit provided by BrewDemon.com