Partake non-alcoholic beer alternatives
Non-alcoholic beer like this Partake IPA
is one of best beer alternatives.

If we’ve collectively needed a drink anytime in our lives, it’s been the last nine months. We’ve lost loved ones. We’ve lost jobs and we’ve been stuck at home (with kids and spouses). But we’ve also been drinking more than ever. Does the Quarantine 15 ring a bell? Do you find yourself reaching for a beer earlier in the day than ever before? If so, here are some beer alternatives that aren’t high in calories.


For the homebrewer looking to keep the hobby going while drinking less, kombucha is one of the best non-beer beer alternatives there is. The process of brewing kombucha is similar to brewing beer in that there’s a boil, a fermentation and bottling. The difference is that there’s very little alcohol produced, and each bottle contains less than 50 calories.

Kombucha is an acquired taste, which can easily be manipulated by adding ingredients during the fermentation. Depending on the fermentation, Kombucha can contain a trace amount of alcohol. Home-brewed versions can have between 1% and 3%, while store bought versions tend to be under 0.5% ABV.

Non-Alcoholic beer alternatives

Lately my social feeds have been full of advertisements for non-alcoholic beers from brands like Athletic Brewing, Partake, and BrewDog. These aren’t anything like your dad’s near beer. Almost every style of beer is now represented.

The beauty of these new craft non-alcoholic beers is that they taste very much like the IPAs, ambers and stouts that we know and love, but without the alcohol. This results in drastically fewer calories and without the alcohol, you’ll probably drink less. For example, a can of Partake’s IPA only packs in 10 calories!

If the local corner store doesn’t carry these craft n/a brands, most of them ship. Athletic for example will ship for free with a minimum order of two six packs. Although, the fact that there’s no alcohol doesn’t make these any cheaper than regular craft beer.

Iced tea

Iced tea is a good alternative to beer, but adding sugar can add lots of calories. Each Tablespoon of sugar has about 60 calories, which add up quickly.

Hopped teas are starting to show up in the market as well.

Sparkling water

There’s something about cracking open a can and hearing that characteristic pop and hiss and then feeling the effervescence of carbonation when you take the first sip. While not remotely close to the flavor of beer, the myriad brands of canned sparkling water can definitely simulate the experience of cracking a cold one.

Thanks to brands like LaCroix, there’s been an explosion in flavors of sparking water. A can of sparkling water is a great beer alternative when you’re done mowing the lawn or need refreshment.

So, what do you drink when you’re not drinking? Let us know in the comments!